Seed by Whitegrass and Ling Long Grand Opening at The Five@ KPD, Kuala Lumpur


We’re excited to announce the grand opening of our two new F&B outlets, Seed By Whitegrass and Ling Long Restaurant, on 11 April 2023. Both outlets are located¬†at The Five @ KPD, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Seed By Whitegrass offers a unique bistronomy experience with its dedication to using the freshest ingredients and French and Japanese culinary techniques to create authentic cuisine.

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Meanwhile, Ling Long Restaurant showcases Innovative Chinese Cuisine, through finesse craftsmanship and attention to detail in creating visually stunning and delectable dishes using only the finest ingredients and culinary techniques.

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Join us on a culinary journey where gastronomy meets innovation with every bite, as we bring you the best of French, Japanese, and Chinese cuisine. Don’t miss out on this exceptional dining experience.

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