Continuously Soaring to Greater Heights & Making Progress

Humble Beginnings

HNG Capital was formed in year 2011 following the privatisation of Leader Universal Holdings Berhad (‘LEADER Group”) by the controlling shareholders, the H’ng family, led by founder Tan Sri Dato Seri H’ng Bok San.

LEADER Group has a long history dating back to the year 1976 with the establishment of its cable and wire manufacturing business. It has since grown in leaps and bounds. In the 1990s, it was the largest cable and wire manufacturer in Southeast Asia and one of the top 40 cable manufacturers in the world.

LEADER Group was listed in 1990 on the Malaysian Stock Exchange (back then known as the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange) through a merger and reverse takeover exercise. Since the privatisation of LEADER Group, HNG Capital has taken bold and strategic steps to reorganise its businesses and transform its core business from cable and wire to power generation.


New Growth

Today, the family-owned investment holdings company is charting new growth with its anchor business in power generation, as well as spearheading growth opportunities across various industries including Metal, Property and Hospitality. Apart from capitalising on our solid footholds in Cambodia, Vietnam and Malaysia, we will look into widening our reach to more countries in the ASEAN region to have a balanced portfolio of renewable energy assets.



Spearheaded by Leader Energy and backed by about 29 years of experience in the industry, our power generation’s footprint is constantly broadening.
Cambodia – 270 MW
  • Coal-fired Plant
    · 270 MW (In Operation)
  • Transmission Lines
    · 110km 230kV transmission line
    · 125km 230kV transmission line
Vietnam – 646.4 MW
  • Solar Plants
    · 266 MWp (In Operation)
    · 114 MWp (Completed construction and pending COD)*
  • Hydropower Plants
    · 51.7 MW (In Operation)
  • Wind Project
    · 200.0 MW (Early Development Stages)
    * The 114.0MWp of the Phu My Plants had commenced operations on 30 May 2023.
  • C&I Solar Projects
    · 11.5 MWp (In Operation)
    · 3.2MWp (Under Construction
Malaysia – 161.4 MWp
  • Solar Plants/Projects
    · 67.4 MWp (In Operation)
    · 83.4 MWp (Early Development Stages)
  • C&I Solar Projects
    · 9.5 MWp (In Operation)
    · 0.6 MWp (Under Construction)
    · 0.5 MWp (Early Development Stages)
Taiwan – 43.2 MWp
  • Solar Project
    · 20.0 MWp (Early Development Stages)
  • C&I Solar Projects
    · 5.8 MWp (In Operation)
    · 17.4 MWp (Early Development Stages)
Thailand – 1 MWp
  • C&I Solar Projects
    · 1 MWp (In Operation)
Indonesia – 3.4 MWp
  • C&I Solar Projects
    · 2.2 MWp (In Operation)
    · 1.2 MWp (Under Construction)
Singapore – 30.0 MWp
  • C&I Solar Projects
    · 26.8 MWp (In Operation)
    · 2.6 MWp (Under Construction)
    · 0.6 MWp (Early Development Stages)
Alpha Industries Sdn Bhd is a leading manufacturer of electrical conductor grade of copper rods and wires.



Our Property Division is strengthened by a portfolio consisting of residential, commercial and mixed developments, including shoplots, retail units, terrace houses, bungalows, and luxury condominiums. We are actively involved in property development and property investment.
  • Macalister Mansion, Penang A boutique hotel nestled in a 100-year-old heritage mansion in George Town, Penang. A member of Design HotelsTM.
  • “The Millen, Penang” A new five-star luxury hotel with 146 rooms located on the Millionaire’s Row of Penang. Coming soon in the first quarter of 2024.
Food & Beverage
  • Restaurant Blanc, Penang The signature restaurant of Macalister Mansion that offers exquisite French-Asian fine dining.
  • Whitegrass, Singapore The Michelin one-star French-Japanese fine dining restaurant at the historical CHJIMES.
  • Seed by Whitegrass, Kuala Lumpur A seed planted in KL by its parent Michelin-starred restaurant, Whitegrass (Singapore). Both outlets share the same passion for using the freshest ingredients in creating authentic and welcoming French-Japanese cuisine.
  • Ling Long, Kuala Lumpur A modern innovative Chinese restaurant that fuses traditional and innovative culinary techniques to create a distinctive gourmet Chinese cuisine experience.

Leadership with a Bolder Vision & Paying It Forward

HNG Capital has grown far beyond its origins. The company is still going strong, led by the same family and practising its long-held core values of audacity, hard work and vision to attain a sustainable future.

Today, under the second-generation leadership of the Group Chief Executive Officer, Dato’ Sean H’ng Chun Hsiang, HNG Capital is positioned to be a well-respected and strategically diversified regional investment holdings company.


Tan Sri Dato’ Seri H’ng Bok San

Executive Chairman

Dato’ Sean H’ng Chun Hsiang

Chief Executive Officer

Datin Seri Jessica H’ng Hsieh Ling

Chief Financial Officer

Guang Ming Excellent Achievement Enterprise Diamond Award


Business Sustainability Excellence Awards

Sin Chew Business Excellence Awards 2020

International Business Excellence Awards

Sin Chew Business Excellence Awards 2020

Recognitions of Excellence

The awards garnered throughout the years are a testament to our business excellence and sustainability. HNG Capital will not rest on its laurels but will keep on raising the bar and being the esteemed regional leader in our core businesses

alongside making our mark in enhancing and sustaining the very essence of living - today and for generations to Come.

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